Varsil was a Ronay who lived "before the time of Ages" and is remembered as "the first Guild Master".


All his life his social superiors jeered at his ideas and even ridiculed his appearance and were not impressed by his accomplishments.

He attempted to bring an end to a famine that plagued his people for 3 generations. Many laughed at him and ridiculed his Art but thanks to the loyalty of his apprentice Atak he managed to unlock the "secrets of the Kor", perfect the Art where other scribes had failed. He linked to a lush Food Age rich with minerals and with a perpetual growing season thanks to 2 suns. He named it Dania after the daughter of King Clevis whom he desired.

Varsil presented his work to the king and was told to choose a reward; but asking for the hand of Dania, he was reminded that he was just a commoner. He deserved death for this insult, but was spared only owing to his service.

Mad with rage for what he saw as ingratitude, he planned for a rebellion, raising an army of Outsiders to assassinate Clevis and succeed him. He went to a volcanic Age and threw his books in the lava so that the people would starve and rely only on him and Atak to write new ones. Atak followed him and shot his hand with a crossbow so that he won't carry out his plan. Varsil assured him that he will no stop writing as long as he can see; as Atak could not kill him, he blinded him with his bolt. Although blind Varsil never wrote again, his work became the basis for the D'ni civilization.[1]