The fifth King of D'ni.


Born in 717, Veesha was the son of King Ja'kreen and his second wife. He also had 2 younger sisters. His father was already devastated by personal tragedies and in his later years became harsh and easily angered and rumors spoke of abuse toward his younger children, though nothing was ever proven. He also had completely rejected religion, but Veesha grew up religious. Despite the rumors that Ja'kreen never loved his children, he chose Veesha (who already had 2 sons) for his successor. He took the throne in the year 812 at the age of 95.

Veesha was so extremely religious that forced into law a number of strict guidelines pertaining to marriage and adultery, as well as oaths and vows. Some say that he tried too hard to push his convictions on the people and, in the end, probably pushed many away.

During his reign he had 3 more sons, a large number for D'ni people. His youngest son was Mararon, who was almost killed and fell into a deep coma. The Guild of Healers said he would never come out of. In response, Veesha gave a powerful speech, boldly announcing to the people that Yahvo would heal his son. Despite opposition from the Church, two prophetesses who advised him, and the Guild of Healers, Veesha maintained his faith for over three years until the "impossible" happened and Mararon awoke. The people was shocked and was forced to look again at their faith, even those who disagreed with his religious convictions.

Veesha died of natural consequences in 997 at the age of 280. he left the throne to the "reborn" son.