Veovis is the son of Lord Rakeri. He was a member of the Guild of Writers.


In his youth he attended school with Aitrus. He used to taunt and harass him constantly until 13-year-old Aitrus attacked him. As he said, they "were not the best of friends".

Years later, among his father's papers he chanced upon a report of Aitrus and found out that he was on an expedition to build a tunnel to the Surface. He thought to amend his poor opinion, and sent him some extremely fine golden instruments, along with a letter of friendship with wishes.[1]

He and Aitrus became friends. Later, this friendship became strained, and when Aitrus told Veovis that he had proposed to Anna (Ti'ana), Veovis disowned him.


While the Council of Five tried him, Anna pleaded for his life and they spared his life. But this was their undoing as later Veovis escaped and brought the Fall of D'ni.[2]

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