Riven VillageLake

Aerial view of the village and its lake.

This lake is a large crater occupying most of Jungle Island. It is surrounded by cliffs and overlooked by the Rivenese village. There is an underwater railway which serves a submarine train, reaching several stations around the Lake, each of which has a retractable ladder. The stations exist thanks to strange columns of air, generated by the properties of the Rivenese water reacting to thermal heated gas rising from the ocean floor.[1]


View of the lake standing on the wooden pathway.

At the center of a lake is a rotating periscope, which Gehn controls from his observatory on the Survey Island and uses to spy around the Lake.

One cave opening has a special shape and, reflected on the lake waters, forms the shape of a Rivenese fish. There have been Moiety wooden balls floating on the waters, with the D'ni number for 1.

There must be at least one living Wahrk in the lake.

The stations around the Lake are:


The repair depot with the submarine

Village dock
The starting point of the submarine. This station serves as a repair depot.[1] An elevator that brings the submarine down or up to a vantage point with thrones and hearths (obviously for Rivenese officials).
Riven Classroom

Rivenese Classroom

A class for Rivenese children, utlised to teach them D'ni Language and create future Writers. Part of the education also includes controlling their devotion and fear towards Gehn.[2] Here there are plaques with the D'ni alphabet, the three "Rules of Gehn" in the D'ni language on the chalkboard,[3] and a gallows toy for teaching the D'ni Numerals. There is also an Imager with a recorded message from Gehn to the students, chanting some D'ni hymn.[4]
Control Tower
Here there are switches that control the position of the ladders (up/down) on all stations around the lake. A window provides a view over the lake.

The top of the gallows, ornamented with wahrk skulls.

Wahrk Gallows
Or ugrat in D'ni language,[2] a structure that reaches from the lake surface to the level above, connected with the prison. It is overlooked by a tower whence Gehn can control the gallows mechanism and open the platform to feed the prisoners to the Wahrk. The gallows also serves as an elevator to the above level. Sometimes, when on the gallows, one can hear the Wahrk bumping against the structure.
This position lands on a wooden platform near the Lake surface.

Notes & trivia[]

  • Initially Robyn Miller and Richard Vander Wende considered exploring the lake on a boat, but the designers decided that Gehn would rather prefer to operate something more stable and controllable than relying on wind and water. Thus Vander Wende designed the submarine, which he described as "something like a cross between a fork lift and an old railroad hand card". It was constructed by artists Robin Foley and Bret St. Clair.[1]
  • The model of the bay floor was built by St. Clair, and Tim Greenberg. St. Clair also made the swaying animation of the underwater plants, and Greenberg animated the ride itself.[1]
  • The surface movement of the lake water was made with runtime effects, used by programmer Mark DeForest.[5]
  • The schoolroom has round lamps with silhuettes of Rivenese animals and some D'ni writing. The lighting was made with a spherical light source inside each lamp, casting shadows as area lighting. The effect took into account the balancing and diffusing of the combined light sources.[6]


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