The natives of the Age of Yimas who ran a food facility for the D'ni people.

They were controlled by a fanatic faction whose purpose was to discredit the Outsiders (Relyimah records indicate it was the Blood of Yahvo although other sources name it as the Light of D'ni). Under their directions, while King Ishek, his wife and their guards were touring the food facility in 4103, they were ambushed by a party of natives. The royal wife was abducted, and the natives, using D'ni Linking Books linked away before Ishek or his guards could react. Ishek insisted that not all outside cultures should be judged on a few radicals. The public however started to describe non-D'ni as "animals", "uncivilized", and "primitive"

As a ransom they requested three new Ages for them to rule. Grand Master Jaken said that the Yimas had no grasp of The Art and the kind of Ages they requested was impossible to exist (and write). Ishek realised it was a trick and ordered the Relyimah to investigate. He sent out word that he had no intention of complying. Hours later, Relyimah informants followed two cultists to an illegal Age where his wife was imprisoned. Plans were uncovered that the faction was to kill his wife no matter whether the Ages were given or not, to only prove further that outsiders could not be trusted.[1]


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